Patsystems selects GigaSpaces platform to build e-trading system

Source: GigaSpaces Technologies

GigaSpaces Technologies today announced that Patsystems has selected its Infrastructure Software to build its next-generation global electronic trading system.

Patsystems will utilize GigaSpaces Space-Based Architecture approach to deliver a scalable, high-performance system that offers advanced global connectivity and exchange support.

Patsystems provides high-performance electronic trading and exchange systems, comprehensive risk management tools and connectivity to global markets from a single screen. It seeks to address the demands of today's fast-paced trading market by increasing its ability to handle high data volumes and increasing the speed with which it processes transactions across multiple geographies. Patsystems chose the GigaSpaces platform for meeting their requirements for low-latency and fault-tolerance, using a scalable approach. GigaSpaces achieves this by co-locating the data and business logic, and replicating and re-locating them together across the hardware infrastructure. A further advantage of this technological approach is to ensure backwards compatability with the Pro-Mark and J-Trader trading systems as well as Patsystems' market leading exchange connectivity.

"Patsystems is committed to providing our customers with a first class trading platform," said John Mansfield, Global Trading Program Director at Patsystems. "We expect a significant benefit of using GigaSpaces will be its ability to synchronize trading activities across geographies with extremely low-latency. GigaSpaces will enable us to facilitate a large volume of high speed transactions to meet the evolving needs of the trading marketplace and enable global control, 24 hour operation and exceptional resiliency."

"We are delighted that Patsystems selected the GigaSpaces application platform for their high-performance trading system," said Alan Weisleder, Executive Vice President of EMEA Sales at GigaSpaces. "The GigaSpaces software is ideally suited for applications that need to handle 'extreme transaction processing'. It can scale to handle the growing volumes of data and trades, is highly reliable and does it all in latencccies of milliseconds."

The GigaSpaces application platform is uniquely suitable for trading systems such as those from Patsystems. It is a single middleware solution that combines data, events and processing coordination. All data is managed in-memory for extreme performance and the application can scale both vertically - within large machines - as well as horizontally - across many cost-effective machines.

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