Teradata and Protegrity team on data security

Source: Protegrity

Teradata, a division of NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), today announces that it has expanded its partnership with Protegrity Corporation to offer Defiance BAR (backup, archive, and recovery) Encryption, a new software solution that protects backed-up and archived data.

Defiance BAR Encryption protects sensitive financial, health care, insurance and other consumer data, as well as intellectual property information and business data, making the encrypted records virtually impenetrable to unauthorised access by those who do not have Defiance BAR Encryption-enabled access to them.

Protegrity's Defiance BAR Encryption software has been integrated with the Teradata Warehouse BAR solutions. The combination of the Teradata Warehouse, Teradata BAR solutions, Teradata data security best practices and the Protegrity Defiance BAR Encryption software provides a solution that is comprehensive, fast, safe and easy to use. The solution enables businesses to meet the security concerns of their consumers, and helps them comply with state and federal security regulations.

Users may select from among several robust encryption ciphers when protecting their backed-up data. In addition, the software has centralised "encryption key" management, which prevents the compromise of the entire data encoding process. To thwart access to the encryption key, it is protected by a multilayer security architecture. Additional hardware is not required to deploy Defiance BAR Encryption.

"Thirty-five states have enacted laws requiring companies to notify all consumers when their information has been compromised. The notification process may result in millions of dollars of expense and unwelcome erosion of public confidence in businesses' data protection practices. However, if the data is properly encrypted, then the consumers' information is secure even if it is lost or stolen and notification may not be necessary or required by law," says Randy Lea, vice president of Teradata product and services. "This is where the Defiance BAR Encryption solution can help save companies millions of dollars and the embarrassment and public outcry of losing consumer data and confidence. Without a solution that encrypts the data on backup tapes, lost tapes in the hands of thieieves or mistakenly placed the trash may be subject to reporting and consumer notifications in the same manner."

"Tapes really can fall off the back of trucks, and many lost tapes are probably the result of tracking errors. It's the same for hard drives out of servers. But sometimes tapes and drives are stolen for the sensitive information on them, and we need to treat these losses like malicious exposures. Fortunately, this is another problem solved by our friend encryption," notes Rich Mogull in Gartner's report titled Top Five Steps to Prevent Data Loss and Information Leaks (July 2006). "During the past few years, tools have emerged that significantly improve the performance, manageability and simplicity of encryption….Enterprises should consider software encryption for more-distributed storage."

"In today's environment, enterprise managers realize they need to encrypt critical information throughout its entire lifecycle to protect it properly, but some worry that encryption may affect the recoverability of the stored data.
Defiance BAR Encryption is designed so that strong data encryption does not impact an organisation's ability to access stored information when and as needed, now and into the future, while completely protecting information from all unauthorised access," says Todd Bottger, Protegrity senior product manager for BAR encryption. "This is a data security solution that addresses government and industry data protection regulations, as well as the needs of the enterprise."

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