Korea Stock Exchange chooses Blue Coat for WAN optimisation

Source: Blue Coat Systems

Blue Coat Systems (NASDAQ:BCSI), the leader in secure content and application delivery, today announced that the Korea Stock Exchange (KRX) has deployed Blue Coat SG appliances to accelerate critical applications across its Wide Area Network (WAN) while reducing overall bandwidth consumption.

The solution has solved significant performance and response issues with several important Web and groupware applications and enhances a work environment between the company's Busan, Korea headquarters and Seoul office.

Initial performance assessments show application response time about two times faster due to the use of SG appliances. At the same time, bandwidth consumption has been reduced by 400 to 500 percent.

"Blue Coat SG appliances can accelerate all of our business-critical applications across the WAN while also dramatically reducing bandwidth consumption," said No Hwa-jin, the head of the market support system team of the IT strategy department in KRX. "This functionality is imperative to ensure that we can communicate, collaborate and share data and applications between locations in a way that is seamless and interactive."

Blue Coat SG appliances utilize the company's MACH5 patent-pending framework of acceleration technologies to accelerate all key enterprise applications, including: Web and secure Web applications (SSL), file services, email/Microsoft Exchange and live streaming or on-demand video. Since the MACH5 technology is integrated with the Blue Coat platform, it enables organizations to manage all of their user/application interactions-to stop undesirable applications, throttle less important applications and accelerate critical applications, even when encrypted within SSL.

"We are pleased to provide dramatic WAN optimization improvement in speeding important applications and reducing bandwidth consumption for the Korea Exchange," said Matt Young, vice president, Asia Pacific, Blue Coat Systems. "With Blue Coat, KRX can operate its key offices more efficiently."

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