IPC reports deal with Reserve Bank of Australia

Source: IPC

IPC, a leading provider of mission-critical communications solutions to global enterprises, announced today that it has entered into a partnership with the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) to provide a fully resilient communications infrastructure for a second trading floor that will provide business continuity for the financial markets group.

IPC provides mission-critical communications systems and services to the world's largest financial services institutions in more than 40 countries.

IPC's solution includes a new Alliance trading system that will be linked to the RBA's primary site using an Enterprise solution. Delivery of all IPC private voice line services will occur simultaneously to both trading locations, enabling the RBA users to work seamlessly from either site. IPC is installing its new Enterprise Voice Service (EVS) to accomplish the simultaneous voice delivery. EVS uses Voice over IP (VoIP) technology over a secure private network owned and operated by IPC. The addition of a customised Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) application in the Network Operations Center enables a single voice channel to be delivered to diverse sites without any manual intervention. A trader can make and receive calls instantly at both trading locations.

As more banks and brokerages look to expand trading operations beyond the central business district, they will require communications infrastructures that enable business to be conducted from either or both locations. EVS, in conjunction with IPC's Enterprise switch deployment, supports this virtualised trading environment.

Stephen Phillips, Managing Director of Global Sales for IPC said, "IPC developed Enterprise Voice Services to address our customers' evolving requirements for flexible communications without added complexities or hidden costs. EVS supports point-to-point and point-to-multipoint resiliency and interoperates fully with existing installations, eliminating the costly need for a forklift upgrade".

IPC currently offers EVS to customers in Sydney, London, New York, Boston, Houston and Chicago. Expansion to Tokyo is planned for 2007.

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