Spains Bankinter and eBIZ.mobility partner for online payments

Source: eBIZ.mobility

eBIZ.mobility LTD today announced a partnership with Bankinter S.A., a leading Spanish bank, to add eBIZ.mobility's ground-breaking OneTouch Online Purchasing system to Bankinter's already extensive online payment processing offerings.

The OneTouch Online Purchasing system will enable Bankinter to offer an easy, fast and secure multi-device payment option for music downloads and other digital content including videos, games, ring tones and more.

According to Fernando Alfaro, Executive Vice President and Head of Innovation at Bankinter, integrating the OneTouch system will contribute to maintaining Bankinter's innovative edge.

"OneTouch Online Purchasing offers our customers the unique ability to purchase digital content without any fear of online identity theft," said Mr. Alfaro, "and since our online payment options do not require purchasers to have an account with Bankinter, we are able to offer the advantages of the OneTouch system to the entire Spanish market," he continued.

Bankinter believes that the OneTouch system could be the right model for the open Internet and is considering expanding the use of OneTouch in the future to enable a wide range of other online purchases, in addition to digital content.

"Using the One Touch system purchasers do not need to disclose their credit card details online, higher level authentication is achieved, and there is a lot less financial risk for everyone involved," said Mr. Alfaro.

Jeremy Kagan, eBIZ.mobility's CEO noted that the patent-pending Federated Payment technology behind the OneTouch system offers banks several key financial benefits.

"Our technology will allow Bankinter to process payments for digital content without the effort and expense of acquiring merchants. Not only that, but because customers can choose to charge their bank accounts directly using OneTouch, the bank will keep funds that may have previously been transferred to other online payment options such as PayPal," said Mr. Kagan.

Bankinter is slated to begin deploying OneTouch Online Purchasing immediately.

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