Tibco launches BPM execution model

Source: Tibco Software

Tibco Software (NASDAQ: TIBX) today announced the TIBCO BPM Execution Model, an execution model for accelerating and improving business processes.

The TIBCO BPM Execution Model arms organisations with a step-by-step guide for planning and implementing Business Process Management (BPM).

There are a number of common business problems driving organisations to implement BPM. Factors such as regulatory demands and changing market conditions require companies to reduce process cycle times and errors, improve staff productivity, and create seamless communication across all business units to enable real-time decision making and response. In addition, competitive pressures are driving many companies to improve their pace of innovation so they can react to or hopefully stay ahead of their competitors. The TIBCO BPM Execution Model provides a straightforward process for planning and implementing an enterprise-wide BPM methodology and center of excellence for effectively addressing these challenges.

The TIBCO BPM Execution Model is technology and product agnostic, providing an easy-to-navigate methodology for effectively planning and implementing BPM. The six-step process encompasses: BPM vision, organisational structure, infrastructure, planning, transformation and execution. In addition, the model is an iterative process whereby the business processes, as well as the organisation's best practices and standards, are continuously improved based on the experiences and the accomplishments of each earlier step. This enables companies to be more self-sustaining and less reliant upon vendor support when implementing future BPM initiatives. The TIBCO BPM Execution Model also features a governance model that can scale from a single department to an entire enterprise.

"BPM isn't just about technology - it's an overarching business philosophy geared towards continuous process improvement and evolution," said Jeff Kristick, senior director, Product Marketing, TIBCO. "With the TIBCO BPM Execution Model, we are providing our customers with a complete, self-sustaining and effective path to implementing business process innovation."

Finally, customers may choose to partner with TIBCO for seamlessly implementing the execution model prescribed by the TIBCO BPM Execution Model. Such customers will work directly with the company's professional services group, which uses its TIBCO Accelerated Value Framework to correlate each step of the execution model with packaged service offerings, workshops, start-up kits, best practices and other tools.

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