Evolution Securities live with Gresham's Clareti Connect

Source: Gresham Computing

Gresham Computing, the real-time financial solutions specialist, today announced that Evolution Securities is live with Clareti Connect, Gresham's real-time communication and collaboration platform.

Clareti Connect is providing Evolution's traders with an enterprise-class messaging solution that enables real-time information to be sent securely to desktops PCs.

Clareti Connect has been implemented in Evolution's London operations to provide a secure bulletin board that enables the controlled submission of messages to its 140-strong trading department. The solution enables Evolution's traders to connect to a unified message screen with ease and in real-time to receive context-sensitive information and alerts by user-group function. Clareti Connect logs interactions securely on the server to accurately record when an item is viewed or submitted, meeting compliance requirements. The system is highly configurable, enabling fine-tuned administrative control on display and alert functionality to give a productive information-rich collaboration tool.

Clareti Connect is an enterprise solution for data delivery, which can be integrated with secure instant messaging, alerts, collaborative working tools and Voice over IP, to either the desktop and/or mobile device. It operates as a standalone solution or as an enhancement to existing messaging platforms.

"As workforces become more mobile, it is crucial that consistent real-time information be available on mobile devices as well as desktop clients," said Robert Glenn, group sales and marketing director of Gresham Computing. "Success in business has often been dependent on getting information as quickly as possible and knowing who to share it with. This information sharing has been limited in the past by the technological systems in place and the limited security features they had. Forward-thinking companies like Evolution are now using our proven technology to provide a cost-effective secure bulletin board solution that enables the sharing of key information while also meeting compliance needs."

Gresham's Clareti Connect delivers real-time data and alerts that can be tightly integrated into core business appllications. By bringing together the right people with the right information, within a structured and integrated communications environment, Clareti Connect substantially increases the speed and ease with which businesses can execute collaborative business processes.

"We selected the Clareti Connect platform as the core software to build our secure bulletin board as it offers us great flexibility that will future proof our IT investment," said Tim Valmas, head of IT and Trading Systems at Evolution Securities. "Prior to implementing, messages were delivered via email or verbally, which was inefficient and unreliable and often meant key information wasn't available when needed. Gresham has provided us with a simple and controlled centralised bulletin board environment that enables our staff to receive important information updates no matter where they are."

Evolution Securities plans to add Connect's integrated Voice over IP and market data delivery service functionality to mobile and desktops in the second half of 2007.

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