Origen Financial deploys Thunderhead document manager

Source: Thunderhead

Thunderhead, the leading provider of enterprise solutions for the creation and management of multi-channel business communications, today announced that Origen Financial has successfully deployed the Thunderhead enterprise communications platform, enabling Origen to streamline the production of critical documentation associated with its loan origination processes.

Based in Southfield, Michigan, Origen Financial is a national provider of manufactured housing loans and is widely recognized as a leader in the use of technology in its field. Origen Financial selected the Thunderhead platform to better automate and control the process by which it produces documentation for its loan products.

Historically, Origen had been faced with significant personnel and opportunity costs to implement any changes in its existing loan documentation, often encountering delays, sometimes of up to nine months. Additionally, Origen was challenged in introducing new products and services, as the requisite delays in developing documentation hindered their ability to bring products to market.

Origen's key considerations in selecting Thunderhead included:Business user control of the process for document creation and maintenance, reducing the dependency on IT resources and dramatically speeding time-to-market for new documentation
  • Best-in-class support for multi-channel customer communications, allowing Origen to deliver properly formatted documentation to its customers via electronic channels, such as email, as well as traditional print channels
  • Ease-of-integration with Origen's existing enterprise architecture and applications, including IBM (NYSE:IBM - News) FileNet P8 Content Manager and Business Process Manager
  • Comprehensive audit and compliance capabilities

    With the deployment of the Thunderhead solution, changes to documents now routinely take two to three days (from request to publishing) and Origen has eliminated virtually all of its document backlog in its IT organization.

    "Documentation historically presented a challenge to the speed of new product development and launch," said Origen CIO, Paul Galaspie. "Thunderhead has enabled us to streamline the entire process dramatically, supporting the launch of new products and services that will drive the next stage of Origen's growth."

    The Thunderhead solution has also enabled Origen to be more flexible and innovative in providing services to its partner community and its customers. Origen is now leveraging Thunderhead's white-labeling capabilities to provide separately branded and highly tailored loan products for partner organizations such as housing associations and manufactured-housing companies that do not currently have their own financing arms.

    Thunderhead also has supported Origen in its efforts to provide fully bilingual service to its Hispanic customers by enabling Origen to deliver all of its documentation in Spanish as well as English, thereby improving the customer experience while also reducing call center traffic related to document inquiries.

    "With Thunderhead, we can deliver a service to our Hispanic customers that is tailored to their needs and supported with consistent and personalized communications across all points of interaction with Origen - from contracts and correspondence to the call center," said Galaspie.

    "Origen Financial is an outstanding example of the impact that an enterprise communications solution can have on a leading financial services organization," noted Chris McLaughlin, Chief Marketing Officer, Thunderhead. "Not only has the Thunderhead solution reduced the time and cost required to create and maintain critical documentation, it has also enabled Origen to provide a superior level of service to its customers and partners and to better compete in its marketplace."
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