Sterci's Steform gets SwiftReady Gold label for funds

Source: Sterci

Sterci, the leading international software provider of STP solutions, today announced that SWIFT has renewed for the third consecutive year Steform with the highest award label for funds.

Steform version 3 is SWIFTReady Gold 2007 for funds, it means the SWIFT compliance recognition to provide a comprehensive automation for Funds using new SWIFTNet XML ISO 20022 messaging standards.

Steform is an intelligent message builder EAI based on Java and XML open standards. Steform provides an efficient mapping tool between business applications and the latest messaging standards including SWIFT FIN, ISO 20022 (SEPA, Funds, Exceptions & Investigations, Cash Reporting), FIX 4.0 to 4.4, InterPAY, SIC, Secom, SARIE, Target 2. Business rules can be configured to customise the message content according to the bank and relationship requirements. Steform services can be available to any applications through an Enterprise Service Bus in a SOA.

Etienne Savatier, marketing director of Sterci, said: "Steform is a SWIFT solutions enabler, this is key for XML new standard adoption. Most business applications are not ready for XML and you need the appropriate tools for mapping, testing, and validation. You also have to interoperate during a transition period the old standards together with the new ones. With Steform all messaging standards are available on the shelf for bridging the missing gap. This is very much appreciated by our customers for funds but also SEPA or Target 2 projects".

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