Rule Financial licenses PGP encryption technology

Source: PGP Corporation

PGP Corporation, a global leader in enterprise data security and encryption solutions, has announced that Rule Financial, a London-based financial consultancy to banks, insurance companies, and financial services firms, has selected the PGP Encryption Platform as the solution of choice for its customers.

Using PGP Command Line, a PGP Encryption Platform-enabled application, Rule Financial's clients can safely and securely encrypt large amounts of financial transactions and related sensitive data. The PGP application enables organisations to insert PGP encryption and digital-signing functionality into existing automation scripts to ensure information can be transmitted, stored, or backed up using strong PGP encryption.

For nearly 10 years, Rule Financial has assisted financial services firms such as Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan Chase, and ABN-AMRO in implementing business strategies. The company's clients rely on Rule Financial's wide-ranging technical capability in designing, building, deploying, and performance-tuning complex, high-volume systems. Rule Financial was looking for a solution that would enable its clients to encrypt file transfers, which many clients consider an industry best practice. Clients also had requirements for digital signatures to ensure the authentication and integrity of transactions. A key third requirement was for the information to be secured with the International Data Encryption Algorithm (IDEA), a popular European encryption method for guaranteeing confidentiality.

"PGP Command Line comes with enterprise support, an IDEA license, and is available across a variety of operating systems and hardware platforms, making it ideal for us to recommend and implement for our financial customers," said Richard Goldklang, chief technology officer for Rule Financial. "The product is easy to install and customize, and we continue to get positive feedback from our customers, which brings no greater validation."

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