Wincor Nixdorf details share buy-back

Source: Wincor Nixdorf

Presumably on March 22, 2007 Wincor Nixdorf AG will implement the capital increase approved by the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (January 29, 2007) by issuing new shares in a ratio of 1:1.

Additionally, the Board of Directors has passed a resolution for the repurchase of own equity instruments to service share-based payment programs.

The capital increase came into effect upon entry in the Commercial Register. Thus, each shareholder in possession of shares in the company after the close of the stock exchange on March 21, 2007, will be allocated one new share for each share held ("bonus share"). This allocation will take place on March 22, 2007. The bonus shares will be credited automatically by the custodian banks to the safe-custody accounts of Wincor Nixdorf shareholders. The capital increase is aimed at reducing the share price to an investor-friendly level and thus making Wincor Nixdorf shares more tradeable.

Following the capital increase through the issuance of new shares, the Company's share capital has risen from €16,542,494 to €33,084,988. Correspondingly, a total of 16,542,494 bonus shares will be issued. Thus, the number of Wincor Nixdorf shares issued will double. In addition to the old shares, each bonus share is furnished with a voting right. The new shares are fully entitled to a share in profits as from the 2006/2007 fiscal year, i.e. effective from October 1, 2006.

Share buy-back to service share-based payment programs

In addition, on March 14, 2007, the Board of Directors of Wincor Nixdorf AG passed a resolution for the repurchase, as from March 15, 2007, of up to 185,000 of the company's shares via the stock exchange. In doing so, the Board of Directors availed itself of the authorization granted by the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on January 29, 2007. The aforementioned number of own equity instruments to be repurchased will increase as a result of the capital increase outlined above, through the issuance of 370,000 new shares.

In the case of the approved repurchase of shares by the company, the purchase price per share (excluding ancillary costs of purchase) shall deviate by no more than 5% in either direction from the average share price at the closing auction of XETRA trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange for the final 10 trading days prior to the purchase of the shares.

The shares to be repurchased are to be used for the purpose of settling obligations arising from share options already issued or to be issued to members of the Board of Directors, other managers or staff members.

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