Skandia International deploys CheckFree's Accurate NXG Dashboard

Source: CheckFree Corporation

CheckFree Corporation (Nasdaq: CKFR) today announced that Skandia International, the cross-border, offshore division of the Skandia UK Group, has selected CheckFree's Accurate NXG Dashboard to add an extra level of sophistication and transparency in its reporting processes, enabling the company to comply more easily with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley.

Skandia International is based in the Isle of Man, which is part of the British Isles.

The Accurate NXG Dashboard will increase transaction transparency by enabling Skandia International to submit a summary of the reconciliation for signoff by a senior manager while maintaining a clear audit trail of each step in the reconciliation process. The dashboard will also deliver improved operational and administrative controls to support the segregation of duties as recommended by regulations in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Skandia International is a leading provider of offshore savings products and offers a range of innovative and market-leading investment solutions for investors around the world. It is part of the Skandia UK Group, which is one of the United Kingdom's top 10 financial services providers, and has been a customer of CheckFree for nine years.

Skandia UK already uses CheckFree's Accurate NXG automated reconciliation solution to manage its exposure to risk, cut processing time and manage costs across the enterprise. The Accurate NXG Dashboard will be housed in the Isle of Man and will be implemented via thin-client, browser-based technology across some of Skandia's offshore operations. Using the dashboard technology, Skandia International staff in the Isle of Man and in Dublin, Ireland, will have direct access to exceptions information to improve the investigation and resolution of transaction errors, ultimately reducing the incidence of errors in the future while speeding processing time.

"We consider CheckFree to be a trusted, long-term partner with considerable domain expertise that is enabling us to improve visibility both at a detailed and aggregate level," said John Hollis, finance director at Royal Skandia. "The Accurate NXG Dashboard will give our senior management instant visibility on critical areas of potential loss, while also giving us a more sophisticated reporting capability that will effectively deal with the increasing requirements of the regulators. The solution supports the reconciliation of all transactions and the querying of any outstanding items to enable us to report month-end figures rapidly to meet internal and external audit requirements."

"With today's demanding and highly regulated environment, reducing costs and minimising exposure to risk continue to be top priorities for financial institutions such as Skandia," said Elizabeth Elkins, vice president of global sales strategy at CheckFree Software. "The Accurate NXG Dashboard will allow Skandia International to access critical information easily and in real-time throughout the enterprise, while also helping the firm meet important compliance requirements."

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