Interactive Data upgrades Excel tool IS.Slider

Source: Interactive Data Managed Solutions

Interactive Data Managed Solutions, an Interactive Data (NYSE: IDC) business and a leading provider and operator of customised financial information systems, has greatly enhanced the export of real-time and fundamental data from its financial terminal IS.Slider.

IS.XLPort is an add-in designed to facilitate the fast export and real-time processing of large amounts of data in Microsoft Office Excel. Due to dynamic cell referencing, users are enabled to manage large dynamic portfolios, quote lists, calculators, and scenario analyses in Microsoft Office Excel. A data wizard simplifies the use of IS.XLPort and provides search functionalities across various asset classes. IS.XLPort is especially geared to the needs of asset managers who want to manage and assess various, extensive portfolios in real-time mode.

Easy to use, fast export

IS.XLPort provides easy and intuitive use. The workflow regarding the search, identification and integration of the data is supported by wizards. First, a special selection window enables the user to identify instruments through a search across various asset classes. Then, the specific notation of the instrument can be selected. Finally, the user can specify the data fields that should be exported into Microsoft Office Excel. Thus, real-time quotes, fundamental data, calculated key figures, index constituents or price histories, among other content, can be exported out of IS.Slider in just one step. A Microsoft(R) Office Excel spreadsheet is then created and updated in real time. The user can also choose to export data from IS.Slider into Microsoft Office Excel by using the "copy" and "paste" function. A third possibility is the direct use of the RTD()-functionality of Microsoft Office Excel, by defining the parameters via IS.XLPort. Already defined quote list in Microsoft Office Excel can be extended to include more securities or data fields by simply copying the RTD()-formula and adjusting the parameters.

IS.Slider also offers the real-time data export via DDE link ("Dynamic Data Exchange"). Due to the higher performance and the ability of the RTD()-functionality for dynamic cell referencing, IS.XLPort provides more flexibility and is therefore especially suited for large data sets and frequently changing portfolios.

"We are committed to continuously enhancing the user-friendliness of IS.Slider," said Stephan Wolf, chairman of the executive board of Interactive Data Managed Solutions AG. "We maintain a close relationship with the users of our financial terminal, and precisely match the functionalities to their work flows. IS.XLPort is especially geared toward the requirements of asset managers."

IS.XLPort is an optional add-in for users of IS.Slider. Via the authentication in IS.Slider, users gain access to data that must be activated. Technical requirements for using IS.XLPort is Microsoft(R) Office Excel 2002 (or higher), Microsoft(R) .NET Framework 1.1, and a local installation of the IS.XLPort Software.

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