Interactive Brokers adds Hong Kong stocks and warrents

Source: Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers has recently added the trading of stocks and warrants in Hong Kong to its worldwide direct access platform.

Commissions for stocks and warrants are 0.088% of the trade value, with an HKD 18.00 minimum, plus any stamp duty and SFC transaction fees. Interactive Brokers continues to offer the trading of Hong Kong Futures with commissions for the Hang Seng Index and other Hong Kong futures contracts starting at HKD 9.50 and going as low as HKD 2.00 for high volume customers.

"Trading internationally is simplified at Interactive Brokers because of our Universal Account, a unique industry innovation launched by IB five years ago. A customer deposits cash in one of eight currencies and is able to trade stocks, options, futures, forex, and bonds on over 60 market centers worldwide from a single screen in one single account. When trading in multiple currency products, our customers have a choice of converting at tight interbank rates or creating a margin loan with the deposited currency as collateral," said Steve Sanders, SVP Product Development.

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