Harland adds Synapse marketing tool to business intelligence suite

Source: Harland Financial Solutions

As part of a new strategic partnership with Synapse Technology, Harland Financial Solutions will offer the SynapseEBM Pattern Evaluator Engine as part of its business intelligence suite.

The SynapseEBM component enables financial institutions to detect when a customer or member is a likely candidate for follow-up with one of the financial institution's experts or communication channels. Harland Financial Solutions will take the alerts generated by the component and marry the results with the best marketing or retention message to deliver to the customer or member. From there, the total message is forwarded to any financial institution employee for high touch service or to any channel for complete communication.

"The results of these interactions are fed back through the solution so an institution can track its cross sales and retention efforts," said Tom Richards, executive vice president and general manager of the Retail Solutions Group at Harland Financial Solutions. "We believe that the value of the solution is not just in the detection, but in the actions taken and the results garnered by the interaction."

"Our pattern recognition and trigger technology detects thousands of leads each day on millions of transactions for many regional banks today," reported Mike Berry, senior vice president of Financial Services for Synapse Technology. "Harland Financial Solutions has the other business intelligence and channel delivery components to bring this capability to a much broader market."

These business intelligence and delivery components include software and professional services aimed at helping an institution with attracting, retaining, and organically growing its deposits.

"Deposit gathering is becoming evermore challenging for banks and credit unions in the new competitive marketplace," said Kathleen Khirallah of TowerGroup. "Event-based marketing solutions offer financial institutions timely information regarding customers' financial needs. Matching that information with MCIF data and then pushing it out to the CRM application allows financial institutions to proactively address the important financial concerns of customers with significantly more accuracy than the current tools provide."

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