Mosaic's Postilion certified to support Hypercom terminals

Source: Mosaic Software

Mosaic Software, the global transaction processing solutions provider, today announced support for global payment technology leader Hypercom Corporation's (NYSE: HYC) new compact, high-speed and high-performance signature capture card payment terminal, specifically designed to speed the checkout lines at multi-lane retailers worldwide.

By certifying the L4100 interface to Mosaic's Postilion transaction processing software, Mosaic further expands its ability to offer leading edge solutions for the larger retailers worldwide.

Featuring a powerful Intel® processor based on the Intel® XScale® technology for unprecedented multi-application performance, Hypercom's new PED and EMV-certified multi-lane Optimum L4100 packs tons of processing power into a stylish and cost-effective design. 32-bit technology is creatively combined with highly intelligent software and rock-solid security. This premier terminal contains configurations and designs to meet the most discriminating payment environment. The combination of Mosaic Software's Postilion solution and this advanced terminal offers retailers the most secure, flexible and efficient transaction authorization system available.

In addition to running in an environment which provides full security and rapid transaction authorizations, reducing customer checkout times, Mosaic's Postilion system offers a highly scalable and open architecture that permits easy implementation of new products to be delivered at the POS. In conjunction with traditional POS debit/credit card payment processing, Postilion offers sophisticated EFT services for routing and switching transactions direct to networks, card issuers, fraud detection services, corporate gateways, product providers and more. Other advantages include the ability to perform stand-in authorizations at multiple levels and the ability to enforce specific business rules at the store level. Customers also benefit from automated reconciliation and integrated settlement as well as getting a consolidated look at their overall business with immediate access to critical management information and reporting.

"With leading solution providers like Mosaic Software, Hypercom continues to provide retailers and consumers with high-speed precision instruments packed with power, performance, high security and flexibility that is above and beyond what any of our competitors can deliver. The competitive business marketplace has come to expect its card payment technology to meet very high standards, and we deliver every time," said Guilherme Blumenthal, executive vice president, Sales and Operations, Hypercom Corporation. "This latest solution brings an entirely new, smart, fast, easy-use and highly intelligent dimension to electronic payments at the point-of-transaction."

"We look forward to working with this powerful, intelligently integrated Hypercom terminal and are excited about the flexibility of the Hypercom L4100 and its ability to support all type of transactions including signature capture," stated Johann Dreyer, CEO at Mosaic Software. "The opportunity to provide large retail clients a solution that's on the cutting edge of payment processing - from the latest technology to innovative products and services - will continue to reinforce Mosaic Software's position as a leader in the industry."

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