Misys' eagleye achieves 1000 compliance rules and 13,000 compliance checks per second


Misys Eagleye, a global compliance and limit checking solution provider, working alongside Misys Asset Management Systems for the financial and asset management community, today announced successful results from a high performance benchmark test on eagleye.

eagleye revealed processing speeds of over 1,000 compliance rules per second and over 13,000 checks per second across an increasing number of portfolios and holdings. This was benchmarked against the best current system performance, believed to be no more than ten compliance checks per second.

Stephen Oxenbridge, CEO, Misys Eagleye, says: "The challenge is to provide a system which can check all limits and rules, prevent all breaches before the trade is executed, and provide complete transparency to the compliance and investment management process without causing unacceptable delays to the front office. Our results provide conclusive evidence that eagleye meets these crucial requirements."

Testing on eagleye was performed at the Grenoble HP Intel Solution Centre, simulating the environments of the largest asset management organisations. Additional results proved:
· Processing power by achieving speeds of up to 13,000 compliance checks per second on scenarios of up to 150,000 portfolios;
· Scalability by demonstrating a linear increase in speed of processing with increased hardware;
· 'Real tim'’ by showing speed of processing does not delay the trading or investment management process.

Designed to incorporate all financial instruments, eagleye's unique focus on 'best of breed' stand-alone compliance, open database, rules engine and architecture, ensures it can adapt to constantly changing regulatory and client needs by automating pre and post trade compliance and limit checking.

Oxenbridge, continues: "Banks and investment firms face huge challenges in reducing operating costs while responding to tighter regulations, portfolio proliferation and more demanding client mandates. They must look for new ways to perform compliance quickly and cost effectively."

Oxenbridge concludes: "The test proves eagleye's great processing speeds and power, supporting real time checking for pre and post trade compliance. This makes it easier to manage the trading and investment management process."

Misys Eagleye is a member of the HP Solutions Partner Program and has a close working relationship with HP to enable the offering of a complete solution, with strong collaborative support with Intel and Microsoft. The performance test was carried out on HP ProLiant Servers based on the Intel® Xeon™ processor family and HP Integrity Servers based on the ItaniumÒ 2processor family.

Misys Eagleye targets the asset management industry alongside Misys Asset Management Systems, which provides leading investment process solutions. Both enable asset managers to achieve centralised control for the investment management process.

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