Security Service Federal CU offers clients CSIdentity's ID theft protection

Source: CSIdentity Corporation

CSIdentity Corporation (CSID) announced today it has signed an agreement with Security Service Federal Credit Union (SSFCU) to offer CSIdentity's industry leading Identity Theft Protection services (CSIdentity Protector) to the Credit Union's more than 590,000 members.

The identity theft protection service includes a security bundle of seven-layers, creating the most comprehensive ID Theft Protection platform in the nation. Together, these seven layers provide the broadest net of identity detection and protection available. The seven-layers of comprehensive identity protection are:
  • Credit Monitoring of credit inquiries, delinquency triggers, derogatory comments, tax liens, judgments and bankruptcies on credit reports.
  • Debit Monitoring of new bank accounts, check orders, NSF's, derogatory comments, etc. on Debit Reports. Derived from over 90% of all checking, savings, credit unions, brokerage and 75,000 retailers.
  • Public Records Monitoring detects criminals redirecting your mail through change of address, multiple names attached to your social security number, your identity listed as deceased, deed transfers, property liens, new phone services at your address, and more.
  • Criminal Record & Sex Offender Monitoring detects criminal convictions and bookings in your name as well as sex offender registrants using your address. Also provides alerts on sex offenders moving into your neighborhood.
  • Internet Monitoring of more than 10,000 criminal chat rooms and websites to detect the selling of credit cards, socials, mothers-maiden names, account numbers, passwords, etc. that were obtained through data breaches, phishing scams and other means.
  • Restoration Services available through our toll free number to provide you with personalized and on-going assistance to restore your identity and get your life back on track.
  • Identity Theft Insurance provides up to $25,000 reimbursement to the Covered Person for expenses and lost wages associated with Identity Restoration with no deductible. This policy is underwritten by a member company of AIG insurance. (Coverage does not apply for NY residents due to current NY legislation.)

"At Security Service we want to do whatever we can to help our members avoid possible fraudulent activities," said David Reynolds, SSFCU's President and CEO. "While we are confident in the security of our systems, by offering a comprehensive ID Theft protection platform, our members can choose options that will give them peace of mind about the security of their personal identity information in other environments."

Identity Theft is the highest reward, lowest risk crime for criminals (DOJ National Strategy to combat identity theft - 2005) and individuals have little recourse but to take control of protecting their own Identity.

Approximately 9.4 million Americans had their identity stolen in 2005 (FTC). Compare identity theft statistics with the 6.4 million auto accidents, 1.4 million violent crimes, and 1.2 million heart attacks that occurred in 2005 and its clear Americans should be concerned about this growing risk.

"CSIdentity is focused on the severe and growing problem of Identity Theft by using cutting edge technology (CSID's Cyber Agent) and billions of data records to constantly monitor how your identity is being used," stated William Morrow, CSID's Chairman. "The clear fact is that individuals can no longer protect their identities as they exist today in thousands of companies and tens of thousands of computers across the nation. In less than two years, hundreds of companies, universities and government agencies have been breached exposing the personal identity information of more than 102 million US citizens - almost half of the US adult population."

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