FXDD launches automated currency trading platform

Source: FXDD

FXDD, a global leader in online foreign currency exchange, is pleased to announce the launch of FXDDAuto, an automated currency trading platform based on Tradency's forex platform.

The exclusive venture between FXDD and Tradency brings together cutting-edge technology, proprietary access and a global support network. FXDDAuto allows forex traders to streamline their efforts, adjust strategies and design and test portfolios using real-time and historical data without incurring prepaid subscription fees or requiring complex programming. This customized perspective greatly enhances a trader's ability to manage and assess the risk in their portfolios and to make changes as the market demands. FXDDAuto's basket of over 50 systems and signals adds a powerful new dimension to online forex trading.

Forex trading is a demanding 24-hour activity that usually requires constant monitoring. With FXDDAuto, traders can select and automate complete systems or components of systems and trade them automatically or manually via remote servers. This serves to increase traders' confidence by removing the psychological barriers many traders encounter when structuring trades. FXDDAuto records every trade and offers traders a detailed audit trail of their activities.

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