Eksportfinans joins the International Capital Market Association

Source: International Capital Market Association

The International Capital Market Association (ICMA) is pleased to announce that Eksportfinans has joined the Association.

ICMA, the self-regulatory organisation and trade association representing constituents and practitioners in the international capital market worldwide, plays a crucial central role in the market by providing and enforcing a self-regulatory code of industry-driven rules and recommendations which regulate issuance, trading and settlement in international fixed income and related instruments.

ICMA liaises closely with regulatory and governmental authorities, both at the national and supranational level, to ensure that financial regulation promotes the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the capital market.

Søren Elbech, Executive VP and Director of Treasury, Eksportfinans, said: "We are pleased to join ICMA who have promoted the efficient functioning of the global capital markets. Through the Association, we hope to contribute to discussions for the further advancement of the European capital market."

Eksportfinans is the Norwegian Export Credit Agency- the joint institution of the banks and the Norwegian Government - whose purpose is to develop and offer competitive, long-term financial services to the export industries and the local government sector.

ICMA has supported the continued successful development of the international capital market over the last 30 years by promoting and enforcing best market practice. The Association further seeks to unify currently fragmented industry representation, at European level through the European Financial Markets Federation (EFMF) and collaboration through the Global Capital Markets Board (GCMB) at a global level.

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