Global Payments Europe launches PoS mobile phone top-up service

Source: Global Payments

Global Payments (NYSE: GPN), a world leader in payment processing services, today announced its Prague-based, wholly-owned subsidiary, Global Payments Europe, s.r.o., in cooperation with the Czech Republic retail chain Globus CR, k.s., has launched GP mobile, a mobile phone card re-loading service via POS terminals.

This re- loading service for prepaid cards will be available to mobile telephone consumers through Globus hypermarkets.

This new service will allow customers at the 11 Globus hypermarkets, with 550 check-out counters, to quickly and easily re-load their phones provided through mobile service operators Telefonica O2 Czech Republic, T-Mobile Czech Republic and Vodafone Czech Republic. Currently, there are more than 7.2 million prepaid mobile phones in use in the Czech Republic and consumers often use online methods such as ATMs and GSM banking terminals to re-load phones. GP mobile provides an additional outlet for consumers who wish to re-load their phones.

"Regarding our cooperation with Global Payments Europe on this project," said Petr Vyhnalek, CEO of Globus, "We are very fortunate to have a partner such as Global Payments to introduce a new service that is highly attractive, effective and convenient for our customers."

Global Payments Europe developed the concept of re-loading mobile phones through various channels in the late 1990s. According to Petr Sedlacek, CEO of Global Payments Europe, "We introduced the concept of re-loading prepaid phones through ATMs and mobile telephones starting in 2001. Now, thanks to a close alliance with Globus CR, and in cooperation with Telefonica O2 Czech Republic, T-Mobile, and Vodafone, we are pleased to continue this tradition by introducing an even more convenient method of service - POS terminals."

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