Mellon Technologies releases gift card system in Greece

Source: Mellon Technologies

Mellon Technologies, parent company of Mellon Group of Companies, announced today the availability of its Gift Card solution for the company's retail customers.

It is a simple and flexible solution that can be easily integrated to the current infrastructure of retailers, whereas the numerous design options make the card an attractive marketing tool for the business and a distinctive gadget for the consumer.

"Gift Cards are very popular in the US and Western European markets, and constitute a simple yet inventive solution to use as a present, but also a significant cost effective tool to enhance customer loyalty. In essence, these are prepaid cards of different stored value, which both consumers and companies can purchase from a store and offer them to their family members, friends, employees or partners, who can then shop goods of equal value," noted Peggy Guelestathi, Product Unit Manager, Card Solutions at Mellon Technologies.

The most recent Gift Card application developed by Mellon based on the above model was that of the Greek Carrefour Hypermarket and Supermarket Champion Marinopoulos, who issued cards of four different denominations that are offered in a very appealing packaging through their hyper- and super market network across Greece. Consumers can chose the card they want and pay at the cashiers using the existing network of POS terminals and 'charging' the card with the corresponding amount. In this way, the two companies offer to consumers the opportunity to make a memorable gift, allowing them to buy what they really want.

Mellon Technologies provides an integrated Gift Card solution (hardware and software), fully assuming customization and installation while securing optimum operation. In addition, Mellon can undertake on behalf of the customer the transaction authorization and data capture processes, producing all the necessary reports that will enable a business to monitor and assess its Gift Card program.

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