Equifax adds customer alerts to Credit Watch service


Equifax Inc. (NYSE:EFX) today introduced first-of-its-kind credit card fraud detection features to Equifax Credit Watch credit monitoring product.

These new credit card fraud detection features represent another milestone in Equifax's industry-leading efforts to combat identity theft. At no extra charge, all Equifax Credit Watch customers now can receive additional email alerts notifying them of balance changes and activity on their credit cards. Alerts also are available wirelessly via text message to user cell phones.

"With the Federal Trade Commission reporting as many as 10 million U.S. cases of identity theft in 2003, Equifax is taking every step to educate and help protect today's consumers," said Jim Balkcom, acting group executive, Personal Solutions, Equifax. "Our new Equifax Credit Watch alerts make it easier and more convenient for consumers to know when someone has accessed their credit data and used their personal information to obtain credit accounts or other services in their name."

One feature, the balance change alert, notifies customers within 24 hours when charge card balances have increased by a specified dollar amount. Users select the dollar amount or percentage increase that when exceeded triggers an alert. Another credit management tool, the inactive card alert, informs Equifax Credit Watch customers when charge card activity occurs on their credit file after a self-selected period of inactivity. With these product enhancements, Equifax Credit Watch customers gain greater peace of mind. The new alert features give consumers ultimate control over their credit by equipping them with the technical tools and resources to closely monitor credit information.

Since its launch in 2001, Equifax Credit Watch has helped customers quickly detect changes in their Equifax Credit Report and protect themselves against the impact of identity theft. Equifax Credit Watch includes automatic alerts that notify customers within 24 hours of key changes in their Equifax Credit Report.

Equifax Credit Watch was recently selected as a laureate by Computerworld as part of the 2004 Computerworld Honors Program. The product was recognized for its innovative applications and features that help consumers combat identity theft.

New Consumer-Friendly Website

Equifax Credit Watch is just one way that Equifax provides access to valuable credit information. Through its recently launched new website, consumers can easily find a wealth of information on Equifax products and services. Among the features that have been added to the site are:

  • Fresh look and feel to enhance user navigation and site interaction
  • New user interface for easy location of key Equifax products and services
  • Customizable consumer options for receiving credit information
  • In-depth information to educate customers on credit management, relevant legislation and industry trends
  • Additional resources to ensure seamless customer experience

    "With its intuitive user interfaces and robust functionality, our new website enables customers to quickly and easily leverage Equifax product, marketing and industry information," said Paul Springman, chief marketing officer, Equifax. "Whether you're a business looking to expand your customer base or a consumer managing your personal credit, the Equifax website gives you the information you need to guide you through the decisioning process - from start to finish."
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