SwitchIP launches InPurple communications network for financial services firms


A revolutionary new product that allows banks and other financial institutions with multiple locations to slash network running costs, while significantly increasing data handling capacity has been launched by SwitchIP limited.

Called InPurple(tm), it delivers crystal clear voice, data and real-time video applications to branch and remote locations over a single internet-based network - at a fraction of the cost of expensive leased-line technology commonly deployed by the financial sector. It is also the first product of its kind to provide proven standards of service that guarantee reliable and dependable communications.

Banks, building societies and insurance companies benefit from immediate savings as calls to other offices on the InPurple network are not charged on a metered basis, but are free regardless of volume. Furthermore, costs for calls made to locations outside the network are dramatically reduced as InPurple intelligently directs calls to ensure they are always charged at a local rate.

Dominic Campanaro, Director of Switch Communications and SwitchIP explains: "Financial companies in the UK have been aware of the advantages of deploying internet-based communications solutions for some time but have been hesitant as no-one has yet been able to guarantee call quality, connectivity over broadband or an absolute minimum of disruption during the lead-in period - until now. However, InPurple(tm) shows that service standards can be applied to voice and real-time delivery over low-cost broadband connections using existing equipment."

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