Wombat bundles Coral8 event processing system with messaging platform

Source: Wombat

Wombat Financial Software, the high-speed market data connectivity experts, and Coral8, a leading provider of Complex Event Processing (CEP) software, today publicly announced a partnership to resell and embed the Coral8 Engine within Wombat's high performance messaging platform.

Trading operations across the financial markets will now be able to use the same Wombat interfaces to leverage this powerful new technology, while benefiting from a single relationship for service and support across the entire product stack.

Customers can subscribe to any source of data from their Wombat Platform, execute customized algorithms and analytics within the Coral8 engine, and publish the resulting messages and data to any of their applications via the same programming interfaces in use today. The Coral8 environment makes the task of creating and deploying such analyses, from theoretical price calculations to trading signal algorithms, a simple task.

"Wombat is intent upon building the finest assembly of technology components for extreme performance real-time systems," said Danny Moore, COO of Wombat. "We are very impressed with Coral8 given the maturity and breadth of features in the core CEP engine, and the level of enterprise solution features already available in the product."

"Wombat represents industry and technology leadership for the electronic trading community," said Terry Cunningham, CEO of Coral8. "The combination of two technology leading products, the Coral8 engine and Wombat Platform, delivers exceptional solutions that will take real-time market analysis to a new level of ease and flexibility."

Wombat has integrated the Coral8 engine into the Wombat Platform through a high speed adapter to allow for high volume subscription to and republishing of data onto Wombat's messaging infrastructure. Customers can use the Coral8 Studio to rapidly define continuous queries that correlate, aggregate, and compute metrics based on data feeds via the Wombat platform and external historical and reference data. The continuous queries can be rapidly deployed within the Coral8 engine and changed on-demand as business or market needs dictate.

Wombat has further developed a suite of new Quality of Service capabilities around the Coral8 engine to provide data at controlled rates and intervals. Customers can choose to receive delayed data, in order to avoid usage fees for real time exchange content, or aggregated data to control network bandwidth consumption.

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