Diebold selects SecuGen fingerprint reader for branch-based biometric system

Source: SecuGen

SecuGen is pleased to announce that Diebold, (NYSE:DBD) has selected SecuGen's Hamster III USB fingerprint reader for use in its identiCenter biometric identity fraud prevention solution.

Diebold identiCenter is an integrated system for identity verification and branch traffic management built around proven fingerprint-reading hardware and software. It is designed to quickly, accurately and securely identify consumers who enter a financial institution and to increase efficiencies within the branch. Diebold identiCenter works by first enrolling consumers' fingerprints with the SecuGen Hamster III. To ensure privacy and confidentiality, the fingerprint images are converted into numerical results of complex algorithms called templates. For additional security, the images are not stored, and the templates cannot be converted back into fingerprints. When customers enter the financial institution to make a transaction, they can verify their identities by scanning a finger with the Hamster III at a kiosk or at the teller line.

"SecuGen's high-quality fingerprint-reading hardware and software technology is a centerpiece of our identiCenter solution," says Tim O'Neill, Diebold's product marketing manager for identiCenter. "We chose SecuGen's fingerprint sensor for its superior accuracy and ruggedness. When dealing with financial institutions, professional quality equipment is vital."

Won Lee, SecuGen President & CEO, states, "The threat of identity theft is a real and growing concern for all of us. Solutions like Diebold's identiCenter are leading the way in countering this threat. Reducing fraudulent transactions, minimizing losses from fraud, and increasing consumer confidence in the integrity of their personal information is where we need to be, and Diebold's identiCenter is providing these needed benefits."

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