Earthport upgrades to IBM Websphere platform

Source: Earthport

A major step forward in the development of Earthport's international banking network, which supports the ability to make payments to over 190 countries through 35 primary banking relationships with settlement capabilities in 19 major currencies, is announced today, with the upgrading of its technology platform to a DB2/IBM Websphere architecture.

The final phases of transferring onto the IBM Websphere platform will be completed in the next month. The move enables Earthport to interface with a number of additional automated banks and reinforces the Company's utility networks in markets such as Malaysia, Eastern Europe, South Africa and Singapore. In addition, by adopting the IBM Websphere architecture, Earthport will be able to accelerate integration with client systems and also reduce associated development costs, significantly enhancing the Company's abilities to implement new business functions.

Earthport has committed to an end-to-end IBM solution, which is truly scalable and provides the Company with the foundation it requires to achieve its aim of becoming the money movement utility of choice.

David Fife, the recently appointed CEO of Earthport, commented: "Combined with Earthport's recent selection to join the SWIFT network, this new investment is another major step forward for us. Not only will it allow us to scale our transaction volume, it will do so on a web service platform that provides a new level of resilience and reliability to the network."

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