Bank of Granite deploys Open Solutions image capture system

Source: Open Solutions

Open Solutions Inc. (NASDAQ:OPEN), a provider of integrated enabling technologies for financial service providers across the United States, Canada and other international markets, announced that Granite Falls, N.C.-based Bank of Granite has successfully deployed Open Solutions' document image delivery system, ISCustomerDelivery, to support its large volume commercial account customers.

The century-old Bank of Granite has approximately $1.2 billion in assets and 22 offices throughout Western North Carolina.

Open Solutions' ISCustomerDelivery is a fully featured document solution that provides value-added archive and research capabilities for a bank's commercial account customers. The application delivers images of the front and back of each check and deposited items, as well as critical data on all non-image based transactions, on a writeable CD-ROM. ISCustomerDelivery streamlines the delivery process and provides instant access to item images, accelerates the research and account reconcilement processes and increases customer convenience, particularly with large volume commercial clients.

"We had a prospective large commercial client who needed their statements on CDs and wanted the ability to search by check number and dollar amount," said Mark Stephens, SVP, CIO and director of operations at Bank of Granite. "To secure the business, we needed a CD-ROM customer delivery product up and running in about 30 days. We have been an Open Solutions customer for about 10 years and knew about the benefits of ISCustomerDelivery, so it was an easy choice. Open Solutions worked very hard to meet this strict deadline, and I am pleased that we were able to deliver the product to the customer along with their first statement."

ISCustomerDelivery allows users to create virtual statements, perform data extractions and search checks and deposited items by date, amount or check number. The applications advanced capabilities allow multiple accounts to be included on a single CD-ROM, and support the option to print high-quality copies of statements, checks and deposits.

"My experience with the Open Solutions Imaged Payments Technology Group has been great," Stephens said. "The effort they put into getting this product implemented in such a short time period allowed us to secure a commercial account that could become one of the largest deposit relationships for our bank. Having the ability to meet customer demand certainly gives us a competitive advantage in our market and builds important community relationships. ISCustomerDelivery is a very effective, feature-rich and user-friendly product."

Marcell King, vice president, Open Solutions Imaged Payment Technologies Group, said, "Our goal is to help community financial institutions leverage technology to be more efficient, more profitable, more competitive and provide more compelling products and services to their market. This was an opportunity for us to partner with a client to accomplish all of those things with a single solution. Many vendors will give a client every reason why a timeline like the one we were given by Bank of Granite was too aggressive; the Open Solution family of clients, on the other hand, is a community. We had a full team of professionals doing their best to figure out every reason why we could make it happen. Beyond the easy-to-use, innovative solution we created, we're proud to have yet another instance where we've directly impacted an institution's asset and customer base for the better."

In addition to ISCustomerDelivery, Bank of Granite has also implemented Open Solutions' ISCheck(TM), ISCustomStatements(TM), ISNetStatements(TM), ISNetWork(TM), ISProof(TM), ISLARPlus(TM) Migration Upgrade and ISStoragePlus(TM) applications.

The Open Solutions image capture system has been in service for more than 15 years and drives a wide range of check-processing transports. Open Solutions' image processing streamlines a financial institution's operations, optimizes workflow, enhances business flexibility and generates fee income. This system can provide financial institutions with new opportunities for fee income through improved fund availability information, offer faster client service, retain more accounts and save on monthly mailing costs.

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