Hyland upgrades enterprise content management software

Source: Hyland Software

Hyland Software Inc., announced the release and immediate availability of version 6.2 of the company's enterprise content management (ECM) software suite, OnBase.

OnBase 6.2 features customer- and market-driven enhancements to further help enterprises reduce operational risk while giving business unit managers more flexibility to make effective decisions quickly and independently. OnBase 6.2 also features new, vertically tailored functionality for healthcare providers and government agencies. The enhanced vertical feature sets provide organizations in these industries with opportunities to improve service levels while providing greater control over how and when individuals can access content containing sensitive information. Organizations with active OnBase software maintenance agreements continue to enjoy Hyland Software's long-standing commitment to providing access to new releases at no cost.

"Our customers and prospects want to reduce risks to their business without undermining their competitive agility," said Bill Priemer, chief operating officer for Hyland Software. "OnBase 6.2 builds upon our suite's inherent capabilities to support both goals by helping organizations use risk and compliance mandates as opportunities to increase efficiency, bring products and services to market faster and drive dollars to the bottom line."

Helping IT Meet Competitive and Compliance Demands
"The time and cost associated with integrating IT systems makes it difficult for IT departments to keep pace with the competitive and compliance demands faced by enterprises today. The rapid evolution of OnBase towards a service-oriented architecture (SOA), reflected most significantly in version 6.2, helps organizations to easily share content and workflows with third-party applications," said Miguel Zubizaretta, chief technology officer for Hyland. This permits IT departments to orchestrate more flexible, transparent and customer-focused business processes. Hyland Software is committed to helping IT departments support their organizations' ability to respond quickly and effectively to change. OnBase exposes and consumes Web services t to and from other applications. This simplifies the integration of ECM solutions with different systems regardless of what platform they are running."

Significant new functionality in OnBase 6.2:
Business Rules Engine provides line managers with a high degree of daily control over the configuration of rules governing high volume business processes such as health insurance claims handling, lending and hospital denials management. This capability gives front line managers the ability to make immediate changes to workflows in order to optimize their organization's responsiveness to fluctuating business conditions.
Document Composition for Microsoft Word promotes efficiency and compliance by automating the often-manual task of generating formal business documents such as overdue billing notices, human resources 'At Will' clauses and service quotations. This feature affords business users the flexibility to configure these documents using Microsoft Word templates. Because the templates are stored in OnBase, they can be managed in a completely auditable fashion. OnBase can then automatically generate the most up-to-date version of a template at the appropriate point in a given workflow, populate it with relevant data from multiple systems and then e-mail the completed document to intended recipients.
Integration for Oracle E-Business Suite 11i expands the functionality of the Oracle E-Business Suite 11i as a system of record by connecting data contained in externally created content with their corresponding Oracle transaction records. This Oracle-validated integration helps employees make accurate decisions faster by enabling them to use their primary business application to retrieve and process transactional content.
Integration for Microsoft InfoPath leverages Microsoft's popular forms application to enable business users to quickly create electronic forms using familiar Microsoft Office applications. InfoPath forms can be used to gather data from different sources, inserted into a business process using OnBase's XML-aware workflow and stored in the OnBase repository. Human error is reduced through OnBase's ability to automatically populate transaction records in a line-of-business (LOB) application with data from InfoPath forms. Conversely, OnBase can automatically populate InfoPath forms with LOB transaction data and then integrate them into workflows that occur outside the LOB system.
Medical Release of Information provides hospital health information management (HIM) departments with a centralized information capture solution to reduce the number of time-consuming tasks involved in gathering and tracking the disclosure of protected health information. This solution streamlines the release of information (ROI) process by retrieving documents and data streams from multiple systems that comprise a complete patient health record. It then allows HIM staff to centrally print or export all of this information to CD using OnBase. These capabilities empower hospitals to comply with HIPAA requirements, improve patient services levels and accelerate billing for ROI requests.
Integration for Azteca Cityworks enables Azteca Systems' geographic information system (GIS) based asset maintenance management software, Cityworks, to link work order records to supporting content managed by OnBase. By enabling Cityworks to leverage OnBase to manage and retrieve relevant content, public agencies can better protect documents containing sensitive infrastructure information as well as lower operating costs and improve service levels.
Integration for PFU TimeStamp Service broadens an organization's records retention strategy to include tamper-proof document authenticity. A TimeStamp provides irrefutable proof that the contents of any document managed by OnBase existed at a point-in-time and has not been altered since that time. The PFU TimeStamp Service integrates with the OnBase Records Management module and provides reliable legal content in accordance with Sarbanes-Oxley, The USA PATRIOT Act, HIPAA and Basil II.

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