Bear Stearns introduces BearXplorer risk screening tools

Source: Bear Stearns

Bear Stearns today introduced BearXplorer, four sophisticated, securities-based portfolio tools. BearXplorer is designed to help chief investment officers, portfolio managers, risk managers, traders and others manage risk and optimize stock portfolios. BearXplorer covers over 14,000 securities in 23 countries. The tools screen portfolios for exposure to over 60 stock market drivers, such as commodity prices, interest rates, exchange rates and economic indicators.

"BearXplorer gives portfolio managers an instant snapshot of how their investments stack up against the latest market-moving news, like an unexpected drop in jobless claims or a sudden run-up in gold," said Kay Booth, president of BearXplorer. "BearXplorer is easy to use and can help investors adjust their portfolios ahead of big market events or as trends develop."

The BearXplorer customizable tools include AlphaXplorer, BetaXplorer, DeltaXplorer and TrendsXplorer. AlphaXplorer uses a patented modeling engine to determine how a stock is likely to perform over the course of a year. Through use of a heat map, BetaXplorer offers a unique, one page view of a portfolio's exposure to a variety of macroeconomic inputs. DeltaXplorer further compares a portfolio to custom-made benchmarks or those of major market indices. Finally, TrendsXplorer helps investors look for stocks based on their relationship to economic events, commodity prices, exchange rates or interest rate changes. The analysis spans trading history from five to 20 years.

When falling crude prices made recent headlines, BearXplorer helped investors position their portfolios in the rapidly changing market environment. "Our technology gave users a quick view of just how much of their portfolio was exposed to this commodity," said John Williamson, general manager of BearXplorer. "With BearXplorer, investors knew exactly which stocks had the strongest and weakest relationships to falling oil prices."

BearXplorer uses models which were developed with the help of Bear Stearns chief investment strategist, Francois Trahan. Mr. Trahan has been Institutional Investor's top-ranked strategist for two consecutive years.

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