Smart Commerce to distribute Aconite's smartprocess software in the Americas


Aconite has signed a distributor agreement with US and Canadian smart card and e-commerce solutions provider, Smart Commerce Inc., in which Smart Commerce will become the foundation North American partner and reseller of Aconite's smartprocess solutions and services for multi-application smart cards throughout the North and South American continents.

Aconite's smartprocess suite is a revolutionary transaction, script management and testing solution that guarantees to deliver next-generation business advantage that builds on the global EMV smart card migration. By adding Aconite's smartprocess range of dynamic smart card products, in particular script processing, Smart Commerce can offer end-to-end solutions for its clients and prospects.

"We are very pleased to be working so closely with Aconite," said Mansour Karimzadeh, President, Smart Commerce Inc. "Its extensive consulting experience and EMV and smart card expertise is highly complimentary to Smart Commerce's skills base and we believe we are well positioned to drive new business opportunities for the smartprocess suite in the US, Canadian and South American markets."

James Cronk, business development director at Aconite, stated: "There is a high level of activity in the EMV and smart card area throughout the Americas as card issuers move to establish more secure payments platforms. Through existing multi-application and post insurance support via smartprocess, issuers and service bureaux will provide significantly greater utility to their customers enabling them to utilise further applications such as ticketing, loyalty, identity and secure access."

"EMV based cards are increasingly being accepted throughout the region. Although there has been market penetration in specific areas the real challenge for vendors is to bring the technology to more widespread, mainstream market. EMV based technology, with its ability to offer increased levels of security and user authentication, provides a mechanism to protect both customer and merchant alike. The role therefore of regional technology partners becomes crucial to meeting these growing demands and challenges. Our partnership with Smart Commerce is therefore central to our future strategy in the Americas," concluded James Cronk.

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