Triton ATMs receive EMV Level II certification


Triton(R) announced today that it has received EMV Level II Certification for 9100, 9600, and 9700 model ATMs. EMV certification is awarded by EMVCo, a joint venture established by Europay, MasterCard International, and Visa International to govern the transition of ATM and POS payment networks to cards with embedded microchips, commonly known as "chip" or "smart" cards.

Level II certification attests that Triton ATMs comply with all EMVCo requirements for debit/credit applications involving the new chip cards.

Triton's success in passing all Level II certification tests means that Triton ATMs will meet the January 1, 2005 deadline for compliance with EMVCo chip card specifications.

Cards with embedded microchips deter card fraud far more effectively than conventional magnetic strip cards, so MasterCard International and Visa International have mandated compliance with EMVCo specifications as a requirement for ATM operators in the United Kingdom to retain current levels of fraud protection. After January 1, 2005, MasterCard and Visa will no longer reimburse ATM operators in the United Kingdom for fraudulent payments made through non-compliant ATMs.

"In the evolving ATM market, Triton is committed to supporting our customers as they respond to industry mandates by providing them with the most cost-efficient reliable ATM solutions," said Brian Kett, president of Triton. "We will continue to monitor and address changes in the marketplace to ensure that Triton ATMs are ready to perform to the highest level of security for our customers."

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