TimesTen releases three products for real-time enterprise


TimesTen, Inc., a provider of real-time infrastructure software, today announced the expansion of its product line to include three products tailored for the Real-Time Enterprise (RTE) - TimesTen(r)/Transact, TimesTen(r)/Cache and TimesTen(r)/DataServer.

These products are built on the latest release of TimesTen's core technology, version 5.1, also announced today, with new and improved features including role-based security, real-time recovery, TIBCO Rendezvous(tm) message integration, a memory-optimized transaction manager, data and snapshot publishing, fast Oracle synchronization and double-to-quadruple the performance of the prior release.

With these products and features, TimesTen is addressing the growing need in the enterprise market for real-time infrastructure software while continuing to enhance its offerings for global telecommunications providers and financial services organizations - markets where TimesTen enjoys an extensive customer base and continued growth.

"Intense competition is forcing companies to improve the responsiveness and relevance of their customer interactions, as well as streamline operations to cut costs," said Jim Groff, CEO, TimesTen. "As companies strive to real-time enable business-critical functions, we are seeing a dramatic increase in infrastructures architected to marry a real-time data management function at the application tier with historical data sources and messaging middleware to create a strong foundation for a real-time enterprise. Critical business information can be applied in real time and in a context that is important to the company and to its customers, ultimately providing better business insight and longer lasting customer loyalty," added Groff.

Enabling the Real-Time Enterprise
The new products from TimesTen are designed to simplify deployment of real-time enterprise solutions such as:
  • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) -Combining data from enterprise databases with real-time transactions and events to manage and optimize company operations
  • Customer Interaction Management - Using real-time data management to improve customer/agent matching, and using real-time caching to speed customer interaction, shorten calls and reduce call-center staffing requirements
  • Operations Control - Optimizing decisions and supporting proactive real-time management in the operations centers, in industries that operate in real time, such as airlines, telecom operators, transportation and logistics companies

Expanded Product Line
TimesTen's expanded product line allows organizations more flexibility and optimal configurations for the various needs of RTEs, making it easier to add real-time capabilities, whether incrementally or throughout an entire enterprise. TimesTen's products announced today include:
  • TimesTen(r)/Transact - Real-Time Transaction Processing System
    TimesTen/Transact (Transact) provides an infrastructure for building very high-speed transactional applications such as those used in securities trading, telecom billing and online commerce. Developers can focus on their business logic and rely on Transact to integrate messaging, data management, transaction management and data publishing services into a complete execution environment. Transact's novel use of asynchronous techniques and memory-optimized components enables a level of performance and throughput unattainable using traditional infrastructure software.
  • TimesTen(r)/Cache - Real-Time Dynamic Data Caching System
    TimesTen/Cache (Cache) is designed for applications requiring faster access to subsets of information stored in back-office RDBMSs. Despite the immense sizes of historical databases, the data applications interact with most is easily definable, such as information on premier customers, the day's orders, products currently in development, or customers in need of immediate support. Cache provides lightning fast access to your most important data, while still keeping that data under the control of the company's database of record.
  • TimesTen(r)/DataServer - Real-Time Distributed Database System
    TimesTen/DataServer (DataServer) provides a memory-optimized data management and data replication foundation for network or application-tier deployment. DataServer is an easily embeddable solution, is scalable across multiple computing nodes, is capable of managing tens of thousands of operations per second, and ensures non-stop operation.

    TimesTen Version 5.1: A Focus on Enterprise Compatibility
    TimesTen version 5.1 includes the following new or enhanced features, many of which were designed for closer compatibility with the requirements of the enterprise:
  • Enhanced security and installation: Role-based access controls that limit named users to specific operations on the system and databases
  • Real-time recovery: Immediate availability of completed transaction data after failover to a standby server.
  • Fast Oracle synchronization: Asynchronous write-through of changes to Oracle when using TimesTen as a cache, as well as faster propagation of changes from Oracle to TimesTen.
  • Message bus integration: Publish/subscribe integration with common message transport buses, beginning with TIBCO Rendezvous(tm).
  • Data/snapshot publishing: Flexible publishing of data or snapshots to subscribing clients.
  • Transaction processing: Light-weight, high-volume transactional processing for applications that require absolute transactional integrity with very high throughput.
  • Resilience to application failures: Insulating the TimesTen architecture from application failures without compromising its exceptional performance
    Plus a 2-to-4 Times Performance Boost
    In addition to new functional enhancements, the performance of TimesTen's core IMDB technology for both throughput and response time has improved significantly with version 5.1:
  • Event Capture Throughput: The ability to capture events from networks and message buses and insert or update the related information in a TimesTen database has doubled or more, depending on the platform. On the fastest platforms, TimesTen can now capture over 50,000 events per second
  • Event Processing Throughput: Event processing is the combination of event capture, replication and publishing, a sequence typical of applications that sense and respond to events in real-time. 5.1 enables more parallel processing of these operations, quadrupling the throughput of event-processing workloads.
  • Transaction Response Time: As measured across large volumes of transactions, the average response time improved 40 percent and maximum response times improved more than 99 percent.
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