FT Interactive Data rebrands, upgrades risk service

Source: FT Interactive Data

FT Interactive Data, an Interactive Data (NYSE: IDC) business and a leading supplier of financial information to global markets, announced today that its enhanced risk and analytical data service via a single source is now available. Four clients are already using the service in Europe.

First launched by FT Interactive Data as the risk and assumptive data service in February 2006, the re-named service has been greatly enhanced to provide new risk measures, such as key rate durations and option-adjusted spread duration. The enhanced service can calculate these risk measures retrospectively, giving the added benefit of being able to use historic pricing, evaluation, risk and analytics data within Value at Risk (VaR) models, performance systems, or to feed a data warehouse.

The new features complement those of the existing daily service that provides a range of data such as option-adjusted spread, yield to maturity, option adjusted duration and convexity for FT Interactive Data's bond evaluations. The risk and analytical data service is available for download as a module via FTS™, FT Interactive Data's flexible portfolio administration service.

Siobhan Doyle, COO for Fixed Income at Schroder Investment Management, commented: "We were looking for a single source of pricing, risk and analytical data and FT Interactive Data's risk and analytics module, combined with its bond evaluations service, provided this single source. The service also gives us a consistent source of underlying information that is used in modelling pricing, risk and analytical data."

Ian Blance, FT Interactive Data's vice president, Capital Markets Europe, added: "FT Interactive Data has a well established history of providing services designed to help firms meet their regulatory requirements - and the provision of services to help meet risk management requirements is no exception. The huge array of regulations due to come into force during 2007 and 2008 - MiFID, Basel II, UCITS III, to name but a few - is adding to existing regulation and is placing increasing pressure on the risk management functions of many financial services organisations."

The risk and analytical data service has resulted from the combination of FT Interactive Data's 30 years of experience in evalaluating fixed income securities and the powerful analytical capabilities of Interactive Data's CMS BondEdge division. FT Interactive Data provides independent daily evaluations for approximately 2.5 million fixed income and international equity issues and is a leading supplier of evaluated pricing to more than 4,000 global financial institutions. CMS BondEdge, a provider of fixed income portfolio analytics to the investment community for over 25 years, has a client base that includes more than 500 leading banks, investment managers, brokerage firms, insurance companies and pension funds throughout North America and Europe. Dedicated exclusively to fixed income, its flagship product BondEdge® delivers portfolio analysis tools enabling its customers to identify opportunities and analyse portfolio risk using sophisticated modelling techniques.

Roger Sargeant, managing director of Interactive Data (Europe) Ltd., said: "The risk and analytical data service is one of a number of new and existing offerings from FT Interactive Data, which have been developed to help firms meet their increased credit, market and operational risk management requirements. FT Interactive Data's recently announced business entity data service, its EUSD data - as well as its evaluations for thinly traded securities, high quality reference data and ISO 15022 formatted corporate actions data - can all help firms address risk management issues."

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