MetaBit introduces Japanese exchange simulators

Source: MetaBit

MetaBit has launched comprehensive Exchange Simulators for TSE, OSE, JASDAQ and the Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM).

In Japan, testing with stock exchanges proves costly, time restricted and limited to specific days. This contradicts the industry's needs to service its buy side clients with new product services, in particular algorithmic trading strategies that require intensive testing cycles. MetaBit's new product is a sophisticated Japanese Exchange Simulator that eases sell sides' efforts to perform Quality Assurances of market changes, and implementing new services such as algorithmic trading strategies of their OMSs that interface with Japan's major exchanges.

The new product has evolved from MetaBit's internal needs for complex exchange simulators to continuously test their core products against the major exchanges. Today, MetaBit's Japanese Exchange Simulators are a packaged software solution that can be licensed by external parties. MetaBit's exchange simulators are entirely agnostic to any software product that requires a Japanese exchange simulator.

"MetaBit is pleased to provide a service to Japan's industry members engaged with the local markets," comments Daniel Bürgin, MetaBit CEO, "we consider it a value added service to the industry, as it is independent of any other MetaBit software solution. MetaBit's Japanese Exchange Simulators are completely vendor neutral. Their aim is to reduce testing cycles with the exchanges - a need MetaBit shares with all industry participants. It's value proposition is further strengthened as the Exchange Simulators recognise all order types specific to Japanese markets such as 'funari,' and include 'market open' and 'market close' signals from the exchange simulator."

MetaBit's Japanese Exchange Simulators can be accessed through TCP/IP interfaces that exactly emulate the exchange gateways.

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