HyperFeed introduces stand-alone ticker plant HTPX


HyperFeed Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:HYPR), a provider of ticker plant technologies and managed data & hosting services to the financial community, today introduces HTPX, its next generation high performance ticker plant. HTPX is the first stand-alone ticker plant to process 100,000 messages per second.

Customers now have the option of accessing HTPX's capabilities in three different models: as a stand-alone ticker plant, as a managed service (HTPXm), or through the Data Delivery Utility (DDU), a utility-based service offered through a partnership agreement with SAVVIS Communications Corp.

HTPX enables organizations to receive, process, utilize or distribute source-agnostic data from any direct source or consolidated provider. At a time when rapidly increasing market data message rates are causing additional latency in traditional delivery mechanisms, HTPX represents a significant leap forward in ticker plant design - all but eliminating the latency, scalability and cost issues that have traditionally been associated with market data delivery. Through the flexible range of access models, HTPX is expected to be attractive to financial institutions, exchanges and service providers, small and large.

"As data rates continue to grow exponentially, financial institutions face some real challenges in how to process all of that information faster than their competitors," said Paul Pluschkell, chief executive officer of HyperFeed. "In today's markets, with Autoquoting and automated trading engines becoming more prevalent, data latency can cause serious problems. By breaking the 100,000 message per second barrier and lowering latency, HTPX gives our customers a true competitive advantage."

In addition to being the only ticker plant on the market capable of processing 100,000 messages per second, HTPX can handle a wide range of data types, including record-based, page-based and self-describing data. This presents customers with extensive flexibility and customization capability and has the added benefit of easily adapting to new exchange products as they are introduced. All the incoming data types are normalized and cleansed to ensure efficient processing by down-stream applications.

"Our technology has been well received and has proven very successful at demanding clients such as CBOE, PHLX and Telerate," said HyperFeed's chief operating officer Frank Guerrera. "We are confident that the added features and performance of HTPX will be of great benefit to both existing and new clients who use us to drive Autoquoting applications."

HTPX enables customers to focus on the successful operation of their core business and not be mired in the complex administration and maintenance issues associated with an in-house ticker plant. The system has an exchange-compliant user entitlements system (HKEY) to simplify user access control and exchange reporting functions. In addition, the extensive suite of management and monitoring tools (HROOM) reduces the system administration workload.

The HTPX platform has been designed to run on new Blade Server systems, an attractive benefit for organizations seeking to minimize data center space and reduce total cost of ownership. The HTPX Analytics Engine provides a range of real-time pre-programmed data calculations and algorithms which can be expanded with client specific algorithms when required.

"HTPX is an extremely flexible platform that can be used to support a wide range of businesses. In making the platform available for installation at a user's site, as a managed service and as a utility including data, we can tailor solutions that will be attractive in terms of cost, functionality and performance," added Pluschkell.

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