RDM releases ITMS WebClient payment processing product

Source: RDM Corporation

RDM Corporation (TSX: RC), a leading developer of specialized software and hardware products for electronic payment processing, announced today the launch of the ITMS WebClient, the newest addition to its industry leading Image & Transaction Management System (ITMS).

The ITMS WebClient is a secure, feature-rich, browser-based payment processing platform that can be deployed quickly and easily with little to no capital investment with no software to install.

The ITMS WebClient facilitates the electronic deposit and settlement of payments received by paper check. It is the ideal solution for businesses that have many points of remote or distributed collection for check payments, as well as those who have large central processing centers. ITMS provides billers and financial institutions with a complete payment platform that allows them to take advantage of the efficiencies and cost savings of Electronic Check Conversion (ECC) for Point-of-Purchase (POP), Accounts Receivable Conversion (ARC), Back Office Capture (BOC) payments, as well as Check 21 and Image Exchange at the point of presentment.

Key features and benefits:
  • INTUITIVE - An easy-to-use modular interface guides the user through the deposit process, significantly reducing training costs.
  • EASY SETUP - Quick and simple web-based deployment, installation, configuration and maintenance enables rapid client setup, reducing implementation costs.
  • COMPREHENSIVE - A wide range of transaction types are supported including Account Receivable Conversion (ARC), Back Office Capture (BOC), Point-of-Purchase (POP), and Check 21 transactions, providing cost savings associated with check processing.
  • SECURE - Check images are captured as they are scanned directly to a secure website, eliminating the need for sensitive data to be stored on the local PC.
  • IMPROVED WORKFLOWS - Different tasks to be performed on the same batch of transactions, allowing for the segregation of duties across multiple workstations without geographic limitations.

"RDM has always been on the leading edge of change in the payments industry", said Tom Kettell, Vice President, Marketing of RDM Corporation. "The ITMS platform was one of the first distributed electronic check capture products in the industry. With the introduction of the ITMS WebClient, RDM continues to lead the way in providing financial institutions and remittance processors with value-added features designed to maximize efficiencies and reduce costs in billers' operations."

"We designed this platform with security in mind. The ITMS WebClient simplifies deployment and reduces data security concerns", said Graham Heit, Vice President, Product Development of RDM Corporation. "The Client workstation installation is reduced to a simple and standard Web-ActiveX download that can be performed in minutes. Security is greatly improved by transferring all check images and transaction data directly to the ITMS Host while scanning, avoiding data being stored on the Client workstation."

The ITMS WebClient offers many benefits to corporate billers looking to take advantage of the savings and efficiencies brought about by electronic check and remote deposit capture.

Benefits to corporate billers:
  • EFFICIENCY - Eliminates the need to physically transport checks, improving efficiencies and reducing security risks.
  • ACCURACY - Ensures the accuracy of balanced deposits with its automated Courtesy and Legal Amount Recognition (CAR/LAR), preventing data entry errors from manual keystrokes.
  • PRODUCTIVITY - Increases productivity by enabling different tasks to be performed across multiple workstations, minimizing the handling of checks.
  • ACCELERATED CLEARING - Reduces collection time, clearing expenses, and fraud, while improving funds availability.

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