Experian expands national business database

Source: Experian

Experian Group Ltd. , a global information solutions company, today announced the addition of more than 30 new data elements to its National Business Database.

The newly added fields provide business-to-business marketers with additional information and specialty data they can use to target new prospects and gain valuable intelligence on existing customers.

"The most successful businesses in today's marketplace have a deep understanding of their existing customers and the markets in which they operate," said Mark Zablan, president of Experian's Business Information Solutions group. "For companies that target small to midsize businesses, the newly enhanced National Business Database provides more comprehensive information to improve marketing performance and campaign results."

Some of the new information incorporated into the National Business Database includes more than six million additional contact names, bringing the total number of business contacts in the database to more than 22 million. The expanded file also includes new specialty data elements such as commercial vehicle information. With the addition of information on commercial vehicles, marketers can further target their prospects by vehicle type, class or size of the company's fleet.

Additionally, the newly enhanced National Business Database offers expanded information on ownership types and multiple business locations such as the organization's corporate headquarters. This information assists marketers in obtaining a more complete picture of the business to improve targeting and segmentation.

The National Business Database is available in batch, XML or other traditional formats, as well as through Experian's BizInsight Web site.

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