State Bank of Mauritius to roll out ACI's Proactive Risk Manager


ACI Worldwide (Nasdaq: TSAI), a leading international provider of enterprise e-payment solutions, today announced that State Bank of Mauritius Limited (SBM), the largest company in Mauritius by market capitalisation, has licensed ACI Proactive Risk Manager to combat card fraud across its issuing and acquiring business.

SBM is deploying the solution as an extension to its present ACI BASE24® system to reduce the bank's exposure to risk and improve operational efficiency.

"Card volumes and usage in Mauritius have grown enormously over the last few years; a trend mainly due to the success of debit cards as a convenient payment mechanism. But with the growth in card volumes comes an unwanted increase in card fraud," says Sailesh Sewpaul, executive leader, SBM Online. "We want to be at the forefront of reducing the number of cards being compromised. With ACI's proven fraud detection solution, we anticipate both issuer and acquirer fraud to reduce by a minimum of 20 per cent and initiate an up-turn in banking confidence."

Through expertly defined rules and near real-time detection, ACI Proactive Risk Manager ensures a fast, accurate and flexible response to the evolving nature of card fraud in Mauritius. ACI's fraud detection solution is compliant with Visa and Mastercard requirements for fraud monitoring, providing cardholders with increased assurance in the event of fraudulent activity. SBM anticipates greater staff efficiency in detection and handling of fraudulent cases due to the advanced workflow tool within the system. This will increase operational efficiency and reduce the costs associated with fraudulent activity.

Daryl Berg, Sales Manager, ACI Worldwide (South Africa) comments, "PRM's automated fraud detection and prevention processes will positively impact SBM's fraud losses and reduce the bank's exposure to risk, resulting in a better service for its customers. It is significant that two leading organisations in their respective fields are working together to address an important issue facing Mauritius and the financial industry at large. We believe that SBM will continue to lead by example in Mauritius and we trust that ACI will remain a key part of their vision and success."

In November 2003, SBM became the first bank in Mauritius to offer prepaid mobile top-up services at ATMs supported by ACI's BASE24® software. The service allows top-up users to request a pay-as-you-go top-up from any SBM ATM. Customers of other banks can also access this service at SBM ATMs. ACI software validates that the account holder has sufficient funds and authorises the transaction.

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