Vasco launches Digipass 850 integration toolkit for PKI environments


VASCO Data Security International, Inc. (NASDAQ:VDSI) a global provider of security products that enable e-business and e-commerce, today announced that it has launched Digipass 850 Integration Toolkit.

The Digipass 850 Integration Toolkit enhances the ease and speed of integration of the products within any smart card-based PKI environment, regardless of the type of smart card used.

The unique functionalities of Digipass 850 make it possible to use the device in connected and unconnected mode. Connected with a USB cable to a PC, Digipass 850 is the ultimate PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) enabling strong authentication product. Unconnected, the Digipass 850 smart card reader has all the features of VASCO's renowned and successful Digipass 800, which has already been used for several high volume e-commerce and e-banking applications.

The main security weakness in a PKI system lays in the fact that the access to the security certificate (a user's security "passport") is secured with a static PIN code. This opens opportunities for fraudsters who, using Trojan horse and key logging codes to capture the end user's PIN code, get access to bank accounts and other sensitive information. With Digipass 850, this threat is history. The static PIN is introduced into the Digipass 850 secure card reader separately and cannot be traced or captured by a hacker.

VASCO's Digipass 850 will be showcased with the new Belgian e-ID card on Thursday, June 10, at L-SEC's Electronic Identity Card & Digital Signatures Conference in Leuven, Belgium. On that event every attendee will receive his personal Digipass 850 useable in test or real-life environments. VASCO works closely together with L-SEC, an independent not-for-profit network organization that unites all the participants in the Belgian e-security value chain.

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