World-Check appoints John Solomon, desk head, special projects, Asia

Source: World-Check

World-Check the global leader in the provision of highly structured KYC and PEP related intelligence to both the commercial and government sector is pleased to announce another strategic appointment to its Asia Pacific Regional office. On October 1, 2006, John Solomon, joined the team as Desk Head, Special Projects – Asia.

Solomon's field of expertise focuses on the anti-terrorism arena. Prior to his appointment at World-Check he was a global terrorism analyst for the Washington DC-based Jamestown Foundation and an author of its Terrorism Monitor, a bi-weekly journal providing in-depth, objective analysis of al-Qaeda and the War on Terror. Additionally, Solomon founded and was director of the St Andrews Energy Security Unit, operating in conjunction with the Institute of Middle East, Central Asia and Caucasus Studies based at St Andrews University in Scotland. A native Oklahoman, Solomon is an Honors graduate of the University of Oklahoma in Letters and Economics. He has completed advanced degrees at the School of International Relations, St Andrews and the American University in Cairo, where he was a recipient of the David L. Boren Scholarship from the National Security Education Program at the US Department of Defence. He was also engaged on Republican Congressman Frank Lucas' administrative staff and in addition spent a summer as intern to the US Senator James M Inhofe. Over and above his academic and research skills he is also proficient in Arabic and Spanish.

"World-Check is proud of its track record on correlating risk relevant intelligence on terrorism and its financing," said David Leppan, World-Check's CEO and Founder. "John Solomon will lead a team of industry experts and they will provide our client-base with even better open source intelligence on a matter of extreme importance. We are committed to making a valuable contribution in the war on terror."

Solomon described his new appointment: "World-Check provides an invaluable service in the war on terrorism and it is an extraordinary opportunity to contribute towards its continued success as the industry standard and leader in risk-related intelligence."

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