Calyon Financial connects to Asian futures exchanges with TT

Source: Trading Technologies International

Calyon Financial and Trading Technologies International, Inc. (TT) today announced that Calyon Financial will offer trading access to futures on seven key Asian exchanges via the Trading Technologies X_TRADER(R) platform.

Calyon Financial has used TT's FIX Gateway to successfully connect TT's full suite of X_TRADER trading tools to Frontiers, the brokerage firm's proprietary Asian futures trading system. Calyon Financial clients can now use TT's X_TRADER to trade futures on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Osaka Stock Exchange, Tokyo Financial Exchange, TOCOM, Hong Kong Exchange, Korea Exchange, and the Singapore Exchange.

Leslie Sutphen, Global Head of E-Brokerage Strategy/Implementation for Calyon Financial, said, "It's important for us to offer fully functional trading access to these Asian markets for our customers. It's equally important to be able to offer our customers the benefits provided through TT's X_TRADER."

The X_TRADER tools now available for Asian markets include TT's MD Trader(R) vertical market depth display and order-management tool, the Autospreader(R) and Autotrader(TM) automated trading tools, and 30+ plug-in applications including Navigator(TM), which supports smart order routing.

"X_TRADER users can now get instant, unprecedented access to the major Asian markets through Calyon Financial. Based on the demand for our product in Asia and the future prospects for growth, we expect to see strong take-up of X_TRADER as a result of this relationship," said Harris Brumfield, CEO of Trading Technologies.

Futures volumes in Asia have increased nearly 50 percent year to date. Some of Asia's most liquid contracts such as the Nikkei 225 Index futures, the Japanese Government Bond, the Euroyen, and the Hang Seng Index future will now be accessible via Calyon Financial to the growing Trading Technologies trading community.

Calyon Financial and TT are jointly marketing this expanded Asian access.

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