Davis + Henderson integrates IT services with CA

Source: Computer Associates

CA Canada today announced that Davis + Henderson, a market leader serving Canada's financial institutions since 1875, has chosen a comprehensive suite of CA solutions to integrate the company's asset management, network systems management, software delivery and service desk, to achieve the highest standard of operational excellence.

As the financial services landscape changes to embrace digital and online technologies, Davis + Henderson, has had to keep pace, expanding its service offerings from cheque supply programs to include a wide range of deposit and payment products, account services and lending services.

To maintain exceptional customer service and its competitive leadership, while transforming its business, Davis + Henderson looked to unify and simplify its entire IT management architecture. At the same time, as a supplier to most of Canada's major banks and financial organizations, Davis + Henderson needed to maintain the same strict compliance to financial regulatory standards as its customers.

The firm turned to CA because of the software's ability to tie together its disparate management tools, effectively manage risk, comply with the strictest of regulatory requirements, and to flexibly support its Davis + Henderson ever-evolving business strategy and needs.

"In the past, we had multiple tools deployed piecemeal, which just didn't talk to each other," said Mark Bryant, Director of Technology Operations for Davis + Henderson. "CA's Unicenter Solutions provide an integrated method for us to manage our service desk, and the entirety of our IT assets and our systems."

The company has completed the first phase of its project, which will improve its service desk capabilities through use of Unicenter ServicePlus Service Desk, Dashboard and Knowledge Tools. Deploying the CA service desk solution allowed Davis + Henderson to bring in-house its IT service desk, and reduce costs.

Bryant said the ability for CA products, including Unicenter Asset Intelligence, Asset Management, Network and Systems Management, as well as Web and Database Performance Management products, to integrate was a key differentiator and of tremendous benefit to Davis + Henderson.

"The CA software suite acts as the electric eyes that lets my group set IT performance thresholds for the networks and systems, so they can automate control of the environment and proactively manage all IT elements," said Bryant. "It allows us to focus on using IT to better empower the business and serve our customers more efficiently. Issues can now be automated in the system, which frees our staff from dealing with issues that the software can easily repair."

By using a full suite from CA, when a request is sent to Davis + Henderson's service desk, a ticket is automatically generated and IT support staff are provided with all the necessary information about the performance of the network and systems related to the request. Through the software delivery suite, required upgrades are pushed to the server or workstation, and once fulfilled, the change is recorded and tracked through CA Unicenter Asset Management.

"Davis + Henderson is a testament to the benefit of CA's comprehensive IT management platform," says Joanne Moretti, general manager of CA. "By using an integrated suite of solutions, Davis + Henderson has been able to automate IT management processes, reduce risk, improve service and better align its IT with its business. This will enable Davis + Henderson to spend more time transforming its business to better serve its customers."

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