BarCap launches Barx PowerFill for FX algorithmic trading

Source: Barclays Capital

Barclays Capital, the investment banking division of Barclays Bank PLC, today announced the launch of its BARX PowerFill offering for algorithmic trading of foreign exchange.

As a global leader in foreign exchange, Barclays Capital has a strong track record of innovation owed largely to its BARX for FX Trading platform. The addition of PowerFill to BARX is another example of the firm’s innovation in the FX market.

Behind the BARX platform, Barclays Capital’s large FX trading operation employs sophisticated algorithms to determine trade execution styles while minimising hedging costs. BARX PowerFill now brings these same execution benefits directly to clients.

With immediate effect, clients accessing BARX for FX Trading will see a new screen layout incorporating a PowerFill bar. The PowerFill bar shows how quickly the market is absorbing their order, providing them with maximum transparency and control over market impact.

By observing the PowerFill bar as they trade, clients can react to the market by adjusting trade size and frequency to meet their execution needs. Clients can execute a single trade immediately in large size, or aim to reduce costs by breaking orders into smaller clips over time. Once complete, clients can aggregate individual trades into a single ticket for easy booking.

"Ecommerce is central to our distribution strategy," said Ivan Ritossa, Head of Foreign Exchange at Barclays Capital. "By providing clients with much valued transparency into the market, BARX PowerFill further demonstrates our commitment to optimising our clients’ FX trading experience."

In addition to the PowerFill offering, Barclays Capital has also added a ‘latency monitor’ to BARX to indicate to clients the strength of their Internet connectivity. The latency monitor shows clients when their network traffic might potentially compromise trading speed, enabling them to investigate and resolve client-side network congestion issues.

With these enhancements to BARX, Barclays Capital continues to extend its leadership in the FX ecommerce space.

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