Visanet Brazil adopts Welcome XLS

Source: Welcome

Welcome today announced that Visanet Brazil has chosen Welcome’s XLS payment software to make Visa EMV cards in Brazil more fun, exciting and attractive, to both cardholders and merchants, than any other card brand.

The open loop deployment of XLS for Visanet is designed to make Visa credit and debit cards much more attractive to merchants at the moment of payment, so merchants will encourage their customers to use Visa. Merchants are able to target their promotions to Visa cardholders immediately at the moment of payment, in ways that would be very difficult and expensive using traditional methods. Cardholders receive surprise promotional offers and gifts instantly when they use their Visa card. Card issuers benefit because merchant driven promotions at the moment of payment help avoid low card activation and usage, and help reduce pressure on fees. In addition, each card issuer can develop partnerships with individual merchants for special offers exclusive to that card issuer's customers, providing a way for each bank to create differentiation.
"Welcome has worked with many individual banks, such as BBVA/Bancomer in Mexico, to help enhance the bank's brand and differentiate it against other banks," said Philippe Vinci, Welcome's CEO EMEA and Americas regions. "Today, we are increasingly working at the payment scheme level, on open deployments which will help card issuers continue to enjoy accelerated growth in the region. We are very pleased and honoured to have been chosen by Visanet Brazil, and we expect that this collaboration will be seen as a model for banks around the world."
"Our goal is to maintain the high growth rate in transaction volume by encouraging the activation and use of cards already in circulation," said Luíz Eduardo Ritzmann, Visanet Executive Director of Products and Markets. "Welcome's XLS software has demonstrated its ability to help achieve these objectives. We also appreciate Welcome's local presence in Brazil and strong commitment to our market."

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