CQG connects to SGX and SFE

Source: CQG

CQG has added trading connectivity to the Singapore Exchange (SGX) and the Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE).

CQG's order routing services provide trading access to the SFE and SGX. Both exchanges are seeing increased trade volume following the worldwide growth of trading in equity indices and interest rate futures.

The continued addition of exchanges reflects CQG's pledge to serve traders worldwide. CQG has recently established trading connections to ICAP/BrokerTec for on-the-run United States Treasury bills, notes and bonds, and to ICE Futures for Brent Crude futures, WTI crude futures, Gas Oil futures contracts, and more.

"The growth and needs of our Pacific Rim customer base have made it an easy decision to increase our local presence and commitment," said CQG president Josef Schroeter.

CQG has also established a local presence in Singapore and Sydney, remaining true to its reputation of providing top-quality service.

"The new offices will provide valuable points of contact for CQG customers in the Asia Pacific region," said Simon Haslam, vice president of CQG-International.

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