M&T Bank selects Corillian authentication technology

Source: Corillian Corp

Corillian Corp. (NASDAQ: CORI), the top provider of online banking, payment and security solutions to the financial services industry, today announced that M&T Bank, a $56 billion bank headquartered in Buffalo, N.Y., has selected Corillian Intelligent Authentication to provide strong online authentication services to both its consumer and small business online banking customers.

Corillian Intelligent Authentication will be integrated with Cydelity's eSentry online fraud solution, already deployed at M&T Bank, to provide end-to-end monitoring and protection of the entire online banking session, along with risk based authentication by transaction and individual user.

"We are continually looking for ways to enhance our online security programs and add additional layers and methods of protection for our online customers," said Matthew Speare, CISO of M&T Bank. "The combination of Corillian Intelligent Authentication with Cydelity’s eSentry solution gives us a powerful combination of technologies for protecting the online channel and to combat the evolving online threats in the industry today."

Corillian Intelligent Authentication employs a behavioral approach to authentication by building a history of "access signatures" for individual users. This is accomplished by collecting and validating information about each user's computer and method of Web site access without collecting personally identifiable information or requiring participation of the end user in the data collection process. Corillian Intelligent Authentication provides a platform for completing a behavior risk analysis and challenging users when their access behavior falls outside of their typical patterns.

Cydelity eSentry's risk based progressive scoring system tracks all authorized and unauthorized activity from the point of a user's arrival at a banking web site to point of departure. All activity monitored by eSentry is aggregated into end-to-end incidents tying all suspicious activity – such as identification information, tampering attempts, and service breaches along with fraudulent transactions – into a holistic, actionable view.

"As the online threats in the financial services industry continue to grow and expand, financial institutions are looking for ways to proactively detect online fraud and prevent unauthorized access to online accounts," said Greg Hughes, chief security executive of Corillian. "Together, Corillian and Cydelity give M&T Bank an extended, multi-layered, comprehensive fraud protection solution to protect online accounts without disrupting the ease and convenience of the online banking experience."

"In order to fully protect consumers and meet evolving regulatory requirements, financial institutions need to make sure they have both 'locks on the doors' to ensure authorized access, and ‘motion sensors’ that can flag fraudulent or suspicious activity once a user is granted access to online services," said Bob Ciccone, CEO, Cydelity. "By working in conjunction with Corillian, we can deliver to M&T Bank a long term protection strategy in time to meet upcoming FFIEC deadlines."

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