DSTi releases fixed income attribution software


DST International (DSTi) the leader in business solutions for the investment management industry announced today that DSTi has released its Fixed Income Attribution solution.

This is an innovative solution that integrates both ex-post performance & ex-ante risk into a truly revolutionary analytical system. It is available integrated or on a 'best of breed' basis.

DSTi's Fixed Income Attribution has been designed to support any investment process and is the first to provide a choice of methodologies including three revaluation based approaches and one duration based approach. The revaluation approach uses a choice of principal component analysis, empirical and polynomial techniques.

The models are factor based and attribute returns to Yield Curve Management, Direct Income, Currency and Quality Effects. Yield Curve Management can be further broken down to parallel, twist and butterfly effects.

Mike Winn, DSTi's CEO, said, "We are delighted to be leading the new breed of fixed income attribution solutions. DSTi's Fixed Income Attribution is a truly flexible and easy to use solution that supports both front office and performance measurement needs. There are currently no internationally accepted standards for fixed income attribution and the market is constantly evolving. DSTi's Fixed Income Attribution will grow with an organisation because it offers choice."

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