Deluxe Corporation launches online cheque processing service

Source: Deluxe Corporation

Deluxe Corporation (NYSE: DLX) today announced the launch of the online Check Resource Center, designed to help financial institutions, small businesses and retailers adjust to recent changes to the NACHA Operating Rules.

The rules could affect the way checks are processed, but do not alter the check-writing experience for individual and business customers.

"The Deluxe Check Resource Center is a comprehensive resource designed to help financial institutions, small businesses and retailers understand the implications of recent rule changes and effectively manage the transition," said Luann Widener, president, Deluxe Financial Services. "These changes will increase the efficiency, speed and accuracy of check writing, acceptance and processing, reinforcing the value and importance of this popular payment method."

Effective September 15, 2006, the first change establishes simple guidelines for identifying business checks ineligible for conversion to electronic transactions, including distinguishing code lines and limits on check value. In addition, the rule allows businesses to opt out of conversion and utilize traditional check processing methods.

Effective March 16, 2007, the second change introduces a new check processing application, back-office conversion (BOC). BOC allows most consumer and business checks accepted at registers, lockboxes or manned bill-payment locations to be processed together in a central back office.

"As the payments world continues to evolve, it is critical for financial institutions, businesses and consumers to stay informed about rules and regulations within the payments industry," said Widener. "As a leader in the financial services industry and trusted partner to financial institutions, we are committed to providing relevant and accurate information about industry advances and changes."

In addition to information about changes to the NACHA Operating Rules, the Check Resource Center contains basic information about electronic check processing (check conversion), opening and managing a checking account, check security and fraud prevention.

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