Webster Bank to manage SOA performance with ClearApp technology

Source: ClearApp

ClearApp, Inc., the leading provider of model-driven application performance management (APM) solutions for portal, J2EE and SOA applications, today announced that Webster Bank, a subsidiary of Webster Financial Corporation (NYSE: WBS), is standardizing on ClearApp QuickVision 6.0 to provide 24x7 application monitoring, transaction tracking and diagnostics for its mission-critical SOA banking applications running on BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere and Apache Tomcat J2EE platforms.

Announced earlier this week, this latest release of ClearApp QuickVision will help Webster Bank gain more complete visibility into the financial institution's complex SOA workflows and applications in both production and pre-production environments. ClearApp also enables the bank to establish high-level business process service-level objectives that will immediately alert IT staff if the application exceeds pre-determined performance, availability or load limits. The ClearApp deployment will also give Webster Bank the ability to perform real-time diagnostics on production applications and to more quickly uncover the root cause of any problems.

"ClearApp was the best model-driven solution capable of providing a topological view across complex, composite SOA application environments," said John Kershner, chief technology officer, Webster Bank. "Because ClearApp auto configures and auto customizes around each application monitored, the solution can be up and running within 24 hours."

ClearApp QuickVision 6.0 is the industry's only solution that allows customers to quickly and easily measure, monitor and manage application performance from both a business process level and an internal application component level (i.e., Java code). As a result, IT teams are able to achieve the fastest path to control over their portal, J2EE, SOA and other composite applications.

"As companies roll out increasingly complex portal, J2EE and SOA applications, they're realizing conventional methods of application management are no longer adequate," said Jason Donahue, president and CEO, ClearApp, Inc. "ClearApp QuickVision 6.0 provides complete visibility into the workflows as well as the individual applications, helping Webster Bank meet service-level agreements via better performance throughout the application infrastructure."

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